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The k8ds are gonna ask
by Gretchen Anthony

Twins create a podcast to possibly finger their bio dad. There was enough interweaving of details to keep my interest. Can't write about the ending; no spoiler!

The Half Sister
by Sandie Jones

I enjoyed reading this mystery/thriller. I loved how I could not guess the truth. It did a good job of leading me off on tangents with Lauren and Kate and Jess and the ending was quite shocking but made sense when I put all the pieces together. The book was told from the views of Kate and Lauren and though both kind of irritated me at times with their actions, they redeemed themselves by the end since those actions ended up helping solve the mystery. I do like how it wasn't all about the sudden appearance of the supposed half sister. It was nice to read about how Kate was trying for a baby and that Lauren was looking for ways to keep her family together while trying to find happiness. This is a good summer read.

Pete The Kitty And The Case Of The Hiccups
by James Dean

It was a funny story.

Betty before X
by Ilyasah Shabazz

A middle grade novel encompassing life of an African American girl in Detroit in the 1940s, showing family dynamics and racism. As Betty grows up, she is involved in civil rights, obtains an education culminating in a PhD after her husband, Malcolm X, is assassinated. A quote by Betty's daughter in the author's note - "It is not falling that defines you, it's the process of what you determine to do each time you stand."

The Chalice and the Crown
by Kassandra Flamouri

This story put a nice twist on madness and magic. It is a fairly dark fantasy with the main character, Sasha following in the footsteps of her mother with ballet and then a quick descent into what looks like madness/illness. But it turns out that not is all as is it seems, or is it? Sasha's dreams/visions turn into another life as a thrall in a kingdom that uses them for Light sources. It was a really interesting book and though it was dark at times, I really wanted Sasha to be okay. I liked how it was all wrapped up (very sweet ending) and that it is a standalone.

Number The Stars
by Lois Lowry

Written for the younger reader but tells the story of The Danish people and how they helped the Jews in WWII.

Sun and Moon Welcome to Alola!
by Barbo

I thought it was funny when Grubbin pinched Ash's nose.

Pokemon Academy
by Fang

The story us about Pokémon. My favorite is Shinx because he is cute.

The New Girl
by Harriet Walker

Kept my attention and surprised me at the end.

Free Lunch
by Rex Ogle

Story of a boy who is embarrassed by his dysfunctional family but learns to overcome all of that.higy recommended for middle schoolers. Al's
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