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Boy From The Woods
by Coben

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Interesting plot seemed to be going in one direction then suddenly changed to coincide with current political atmosphere in America.

Miss Minimalist
by Francine Jay

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I love learning about minimalism, so this book was very helpful and informative.

The Obsidian Tower
by Melissa Caruso

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I must say that I heartily enjoyed it! Ryx is a well written and strong character and I really felt for her as she struggled to live and be a warden of the land, all the while trying to get a grip on her broken magic and not hurt anyone or anything. Then there is the mystery of the Black Tower and the creepy Gloaming Lore . That was exciting though it was infuriating the stupidity of one character that decides to open it to gain more power. That is what starts the ball rolling to possible Dark Days. Why is it that those with power always want more? And I agree with Ryx that so many problems would never happen if the warnings passed down about not opening certain things explaining why it should remain so. But then I guess the mystery is needed for a good, exciting story. I preferred the Raverran and Serene Empire way of governing as opposed to the immortal/very long lived Witch Lords which was very feudal with the few athelings having too much power in my opinion but the magic system was pretty cool to learn about, the greenwitches and furwitches and such. And of course the chimeras. I like Whisper though things would have been easier without his crypticness. The Rookery are cool too, with traveling around, fixing magical issues. I enjoyed their interactions with Ryx too. The Shrike Lord on the other hand is too power hungry and willing to do anything and I did not like him one bit (his brother is worth getting to know though). The same goes for the Zenith Society which needs to learn to value something besides the pursuit of magic. I enjoyed this story and I cannot wait for the next one! Go Rookery! I hope they can deal with the problem.

The Sushi Prophecies
by August Hill

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I will say that this is a very colorful story with oddball characters that seem to be mostly high, usually on weed or mushrooms or mysterious plant, or drunk. I really hope Vancouver is really not what is described in this book. The main character is Sebastian, though he usually is called Seb or even Sebby by his friends. He has an awful girlfriend, Adina, who he really should have broken up with long ago. He works and manages the Verdigris, a very successful garden/nursery. Life is colorful but when he gets an odd plant in an order, things go even more crazy. The descriptions in this book are very vivid, not always in a good way. Some are positively stomach churning. The mysterious plant is described as a lobster throwing up cotton candy. And there are very long and, to me, odd and not needed descriptions of hot yoga and an odd tea ceremony. Because of that plant, Sebastian gets caught in a dastardly plot and has to save Vancouver from the clutches of evil people, or not. It is very confusing and disjointed. I think much could be cut out of this book, either that or it might be best read if you are high. I finished it but I think the story is way too meandering (just go ahead and save the darn city!), the plot is not great and it is definitely not in my niche of liked books.

Forty Years The Saga Of Building The Salt Lake Temple
by Mark Henshaw

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Outstanding history of not only the building of the Salt Lake Temple by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but of the events that were happening during this time.

Flying Free
by Cecilia Aragon

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I received an advance digital copy of this book. To be published in October 2020. The subtitle of this book says it all - My Victory over Fear to Become the First Latina Pilot on the US Aerobatic Team. This empowering memoir shines a light on numerous obstacles that Cecelia Aragon faced throughout her life, and how she overcame them, and is still doing so today.

by Jacqueline Carey

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Quite the enjoyable story! I enjoyed the adventures of Khai and Zariya and company as they save the world from the terrible dangers of Miasmus who is trying to end it all. It is a good standalone book and has a very satisfactory ending!

The Pioneeers
by David Mccullough

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I am a fan of Dav8d McCullough books in general. While I enjoyed this title, I preferred The Wright Brothers, possibly as I knew more about the people discussed and the geographical area. That aside, this was very interesting and informative about the Ohio Valley and settlements.

The Friday Cage
by Andrew Diamond

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This is a pretty exciting book! It starts out with a creepy stalker in a Lincoln Continental following Claire for a mysterious reason. She has just left her boyfriend due to commitment issues because of her mean grandma's raising of her. I really don't like Leona (the grandma). So Claire is working through all these issues when she discovers Gavin (a crazy conspiracy theorist) who recently died might not have been so crazy after all. I thought that I would not like Claire since she seemed so cold and rude to people but as I continued reading from her point of view, I learned why she was the way she was and how she was trying to be better. It made me like her. I also liked Lincoln, who was just what Claire needed. I did have questions about the title, but that is also explained and it made me smile. These type of books are great for summer and I always end up getting through them so quickly because they are so thrilling that I can't put them down. This is another great example of it

Paw Patrol Chase's Loose Tooth
by Casey Neumann

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Alex helped Chase. The PAW patrol showed Alex that they are not afraid. Alex went to the dentist.

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