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A Divided Loyalty
by Charles Todd

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Enjoyed the book.

Pete The Kitty And The Case Of The Hiccups
by James Dean

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It was a funny story.

by Dean Koontz

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This is a compelling thriller, fast-paced and gripping. The protagonist struggles with ethical choices as he tries to overcome the evil killer.

No Filter The Inside Story Of Instagram
by Sarah Frier

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The inside story of Instagram. I enjoyed the first part, about the idea and start-up, better than the rest.

Watch Your Whiskers Stilton
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I like the action in the book. I liked the game show that was actually a mouse trap. There was lots of toilet paper talk.

I Survived The Attack Of The Grizzlies, 1967 By Lauren Tarshis
by Lauren Tarshis

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Some parts are sad, some are scary. You never know what will come next. This is a great story!

A Flood Of Posies
by Meuret, Tiffany

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The little blurb of this book sounded cool and the cover is pretty awesome but this book felt sharp and rubbed me the wrong way. The way the sisters, Thea and Doris acted, always at odds at fighting, even while their world is ending with the flood was not enjoyable. I only kept reading because I wanted to know what the Posies were and why they came. (Which was never answered) It ranges from before the flood, during the flood and after the flood, with bits of past from the points of view of Doris and Thea. I did not enjoy it because the whole family relationship was toxic. And I am not sure how it related to the current flood and Sestra and the finding of the boy while trying to stay alive withe the posies following. It was a confusing book and I did not like the feeling it left me with from all that hate. It was depressing.

Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes
by Collins, Suzanne

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It was interesting to learn more about Snow and the choices he made to turn out how he is in the original trilogy. The early Hunger Games were a lot more serious.

Miss Minimalist
by Francine Jay

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I love learning about minimalism, so this book was very helpful and informative.

Ashes Of The Sun
by Django Wexler

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Django Wexler makes cool worlds in his books that are very easy to see while reading. This is a cool one that has both high tech (leftover from a previous war between the Chosen and the ghouls) and magic in the the forms of deiat and dhaka. Only the centarchs (specially chosen by the Chosen before they fell) can use deiat, but anyone can use dhaka (which is why the Twilight Order, made up of centarchs, has banned it). This story varies between the viewpoints of Maya (a centarch in training) and Gyre Halfmask who is trying to bring down the Order and the Republic because it is stifling and killing the people living there with its bans and rules against using dhak items. What is cool is that the dhak items are the high tech, like flight motivators, and core analytica. Plus the Chosen had skyships that crashed. Of course the dhakim use the tech to make plaguespawn and those aren't fun at all. They go around looking for more body parts to add to their own. Between the darks parts of the dhakim and the corruption in the Twilight Order, I wasn't sure who to root for, so I rooted for both Maya and Gyre, who are trying in their separate ways to create a better society. This is a good book to read and I cannot wait for the next one to come out as this one definitely ends on a cliffhanger!

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