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Frozen Big Snowman, Little Snowman
by Tish Rabe

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Anna was getting killed. Then she unfroze. Then they were friends and ice skated.

Meant To Be Yours
by Susan Mallery

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Excellent summer read

Clark The Shark
by Bruce Hale

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I liked that they ate brownies because I like brownies.

The Time Keeper
by Mitch Albom

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This book is really philosophical and deep, and it makes you really think about the meaning of time. It is an amazing book that I would definitely recommend for people to read.

The Suicide House
by Charlie Donlea

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I must say, I am enjoying reading this type of thriller this summer. They are just so wild and great distractions. This book is split between two times, a year ago and current day, with the occasional journal entry of a serial killer's childhood that was super creepy and interesting. I did have to go back a few times to the beginning of the chapters to remember what time period I was reading but other than that, it was a fast read for me because I did not want to put it down. The Suicide House is about a secret society at Westmont Prep that turns out to be more than what it seems. And anyone who tries to learn the truth, or tell it ends up dead, whether by suicide or something else. I really liked the character of Rory. She was very interesting with the way that she solved cases, as well as her doll restorations. She makes me want to read the other book she is in so that I can learn more about her. Ryder was pretty cool too. I was able to guess the secret before the end, but I still enjoyed it. This was a great book to read!

by Lynda La Plante

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This is a the start of a new series starring Jack Warr but I thought it was cool that characters from her previous books also played a part. I enjoyed reading more about the widows (Angela, Connie, et al) and their heist so long ago. I must say, I liked their parts better than Jack's mostly because I got annoyed at him going off on his own search for identity, instead of focusing on the case he was assigned to with the unidentified body found in the burned down cottage. Though that turned out okay because his search led to some answers to other things. But aside from that, it was a fun thriller to read and I enjoyed the various twists and turns that led to an enjoyable conclusion. I would not mind reading more about Jack, especially if the widows show up again!

Romeantically Challenged
by Marina Adair

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I think the little blurb does this book a disservice. Yes, it is cute and funny but it also has some more serious issues, like Emmitt trying to find his place in the family with his daughter Paisley (or Sweet P), her step dad and her mother's brother. That was heartbreaking at times and oh so sweet at others. Add that in with Annie trying to recover from a jerk of an ex fiance who is marrying the love of his life in the venue that Annie had picked out, on the day that was also special to Annie. That part infuriated me a little, especially since the dress that Annie picked (it was her grandmother's) ended up being modified by accident to fit Molly Leigh (the new love of Clark's life)! I enjoyed reading this book and I wish Emmitt and Annie a long and happen life together, whether it is in Rome, Rhode Island or where ever they travel! Though Rome, Rhode Island seems like it has a bunch of interesting people and would be a lovely place to live.

Project 333 The Minimalist Fashion Challenge
by Courtney Carver

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I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to declutter his or her closet! Carver’s tips are helpful.

This Was Our Pact Graphic Novel
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I liked the fisher bear and the rice crispy treats. I liked how it was written. There was lots of action and it was also funny like my last book.

The Friday Cage
by Andrew Diamond

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This is a pretty exciting book! It starts out with a creepy stalker in a Lincoln Continental following Claire for a mysterious reason. She has just left her boyfriend due to commitment issues because of her mean grandma's raising of her. I really don't like Leona (the grandma). So Claire is working through all these issues when she discovers Gavin (a crazy conspiracy theorist) who recently died might not have been so crazy after all. I thought that I would not like Claire since she seemed so cold and rude to people but as I continued reading from her point of view, I learned why she was the way she was and how she was trying to be better. It made me like her. I also liked Lincoln, who was just what Claire needed. I did have questions about the title, but that is also explained and it made me smile. These type of books are great for summer and I always end up getting through them so quickly because they are so thrilling that I can't put them down. This is another great example of it

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