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Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe
by Fanny Flagg

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Enjoyed the characters. I could picture myself in this little town with the colorful descriptions.

Duck And Goose
by Tad Hills

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Cute book

Hush, Puppy
by Roxanne St Claire Dogmother Series

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I got to read a sneak peek at this and it's my favorite now of the Dogfather and Dogmother series. I loved the attachment you form to the little girl in the story. This one had lots of Top Gun references which is one of my favorite movies so adding that to the family and dogs we've followed through the series made it even more special.

The Good Girl
by Mary Kubica

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Fun mystery/thriller from an author I like! I liked the changing perspectives to a different person each chapter as opposed to one narrator for the whole book.

Boy From The Woods
by Coben

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Interesting plot seemed to be going in one direction then suddenly changed to coincide with current political atmosphere in America.

This Was Our Pact Graphic Novel
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I liked the fisher bear and the rice crispy treats. I liked how it was written. There was lots of action and it was also funny like my last book.

The Wall In The Middle Of The Book
by Jon Agee

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Loved the illustrations and the idea.

Savage Legion
by Matt Wallace

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I like that the lead characters of this book are all female. Pretty surprising for a book called Savage Legion. The detail to action in this book is very complex and is easy to visualize. It is a harsh world with the Aegin that take the lower castes and throw them into fighting as Savages, not caring if they die, just that there are bodies to slow the enemy down. One of the leads, Evie is a Savage, the others, Slider, and Lexi are very different, as a disabled girl on a secret island, and a Te-Gen trying to keep her Gen from being dissolved on spurious grounds. They are all related, even though at first it seems like it is three separate stories. I liked Slider’s part the best. There is a lot of politics in this book and rebellion against the unfair system. It was a bit confusing at times, especially at the beginning but I enjoyed the book and I look forward to the next one.

The Sin In The Steel
by Ryan Van Loan

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Well, this certainly starts off with excitement with a roomful of dead people, an arrest and trial, a twist that makes Buc and Eld start a new case to find out about missing ships and sugar. Add in a couple of rival gods and their crazy followers and you have a very full adventure. It is best described like this: Gods, missing ships. Cannibals. Pirates. Holy artifacts. And you sent Buc and Eld into the midst of that with a paltry brig beneath their feet? Plus scary ghostships and Shambles. Buc acts a lot like Sherlock (which I think is the point) but sometimes her superiority which she doesn't bother to hide (along with the kan use) was more of a hindrance. And though she is smart, she kept getting into stupid situations by not thinking all the way through. I think she is best summed up with this : Manners are a terrible affliction. Thank the Gods I am immune. Eld on the other hand has issues due to being the only survivor after his regiment is massacred when his orders were skewed by the Sin Eater mage. He seems really old sometimes though apparently he is only 19. That was confusing but maybe because this is an ARC. It could be different in the final version. Eld is definitely nicer than Buc though and has better manners. The descriptions of the lands are well done and it is easy to visualize it. It is a mixture of first person (via Buc) and third person from various other characters like Eld, or Chan Sha. That turned out differently than I thought and I am very curious about the Sin Eaters and their god and what the Dead God's followers are trying to do.

Thrawn Treason
by Timothy Zahn

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Overall pretty good book. Similar themes as to the other 2 in this trilogy, with questions about Thrawn's loyalty, Thrawn thoroughly outsmarting everyone, etc. Would read again.

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