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Pokemon Academy
by Fang

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The story us about Pokémon. My favorite is Shinx because he is cute.

Forty Years The Saga Of Building The Salt Lake Temple
by Mark Henshaw

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Outstanding history of not only the building of the Salt Lake Temple by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but of the events that were happening during this time.

The Wind Mists
by Barbara Sharp

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Gives you a mystery that is engaging and a visual of the beauty and lure of Hawaii.

by Colleen Houck

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Well, the one big thing I took away from this book is that you need to be nice to nature or Mother Nature is going to put you back in your place one day. This was a pretty cool story. I am glad that it wasn't really a love triangle, that it was plain who Astra preferred. I don't think that the secrets that the various people had (Jax or Astra) were all that dark. It was just one person that had a nasty secret that you don't find out till near the end to ratchet up the danger. I did like the descriptions of the various flora on the planet. They were easy to picture. I also liked the hybrids. This was a good book to read and it finished things up nicely but did leave it open a little for a possible second book.

The Chalice and the Crown
by Kassandra Flamouri

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This story put a nice twist on madness and magic. It is a fairly dark fantasy with the main character, Sasha following in the footsteps of her mother with ballet and then a quick descent into what looks like madness/illness. But it turns out that not is all as is it seems, or is it? Sasha's dreams/visions turn into another life as a thrall in a kingdom that uses them for Light sources. It was a really interesting book and though it was dark at times, I really wanted Sasha to be okay. I liked how it was all wrapped up (very sweet ending) and that it is a standalone.

by Michael Harvey

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Overall pretty interesting book, I did read it in one sitting so must have been good. Different writing style than I'm used to, definitely one of the more expletive filled books I've read in a while (a surprising amount of n-words for a book set in Boston in the 70/80's and '00's). Definitely requires a little more thinking and for you to digest what's going on, which isn't especially favorable for my suck and dive method that I usually use when trying to read a novel. I'd probably read one of his novels again, but it won't be a huge priority.

Pete The Kitty And The Case Of The Hiccups
by James Dean

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It was a funny story.

A Divided Loyalty
by Charles Todd

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Enjoyed the book.

A Reasonable Doubt
by Phillip Margolin

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Magic, murder mystery and a strong female main character. Trifecta!

South Of The Buttonwood Tree
by Heather Webber

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I really enjoyed Heather Webber's last book, Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe and when I saw that she was going to be publishing another book, I was so excited! Especially since it is in the same vein as her last book, a small Southern town and a bit of magic in both people and a special buttonwood tree. I really like both Blue Bishop and Sarah Grace, whose two viewpoints make up the story. Blue has a knack for finding things and one day she finds a baby left at the buttonwood tree which has its own specialness. The Bishop name has been sullied over the years by Blue's con father, drunken mother and criminal brothers and so people hold it against her so they don't want her to have the baby. Sarah Gracehas her own talent of being a house whisperer and is in her own unhappy marriage but still tries to keep going with renovating old houses to rent to lower income families. There are also snippets of the judge as people of the town relate their experiences of Blue. Those were fun to read too. This just left me with such a good feeling after reading it and I think this quote from the ARC describes it perfectly. "This is the South after all, where there's always a touch of magic in the air." I definitely recommend this book as a good escape! And I can't wait for more books like this!

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