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The Cat In The Hat
by Dr. Seuss

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I like it

The Victors Stephen Ambrose
by Stephen Ambrose

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Very sad, hate ending

by Dean Koontz

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This is a compelling thriller, fast-paced and gripping. The protagonist struggles with ethical choices as he tries to overcome the evil killer.

The Wall In The Middle Of The Book
by Jon Agee

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Loved the illustrations and the idea.

by Colleen Houck

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Well, the one big thing I took away from this book is that you need to be nice to nature or Mother Nature is going to put you back in your place one day. This was a pretty cool story. I am glad that it wasn't really a love triangle, that it was plain who Astra preferred. I don't think that the secrets that the various people had (Jax or Astra) were all that dark. It was just one person that had a nasty secret that you don't find out till near the end to ratchet up the danger. I did like the descriptions of the various flora on the planet. They were easy to picture. I also liked the hybrids. This was a good book to read and it finished things up nicely but did leave it open a little for a possible second book.

The Lies That Bind
by Emily Giffin

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I liked this book more than previous Emily Giffin books. What a twisted web of lies this novel contains!

Clark The Shark
by Bruce Hale

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I liked that they ate brownies because I like brownies.

The Magicians Nephew
by C.s.lewis Books

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I am wondering if Uncle Andrew is still buried like a tree.I am wondering how long it will take the kids to get the seed.

The Good Girl
by Mary Kubica

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Fun mystery/thriller from an author I like! I liked the changing perspectives to a different person each chapter as opposed to one narrator for the whole book.

Free Lunch
by Rex Ogle

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Story of a boy who is embarrassed by his dysfunctional family but learns to overcome all of that.higy recommended for middle schoolers. Al's

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